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Adhoc Group 01- Digital Sociology (1 Year)
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About Adhoc Group-01: Digital Sociology

Throughout the world, the digital revolution is altering the economy, politics, and society. Additionally, it is establishing a new power dynamics. The network society's laws control the changed economy, government, and society. Invisible conditioning to enforce coercive power relations is provided by the intellectual hegemony of the modern political economy, technocratic rationalism, commercialization of information, consumer society, and consumerism ideology. Numerous trustworthy organizations oversee the digital society, using coding and algorithms to direct trends or regulate virtual behavior and action. Modern digital technologies have control over individual privacy, which has sped up the legal commercialization of data / information. It has endangered people's personal safety and promoted online fraud, digital spying, cybercrime, internet addiction, etc. In order to comprehend and interpret the web of digital relationships between individuals, groups, communities, and institutions that have been altered by digital resources, sociologists may conduct scientific studies of these emerging trends within the framework of new concepts, models, paradigms, and theories. The Adhoc Group-01, titled "Digital Sociology," will make serious efforts to look into these fresh, growing fields of study: from digital empowerment to digital opportunity initiatives, to support the growth of Indian Sociology, and to launch a push to make Digital Sociology as a sub-discipline of Sociology in its new avatar.

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